Child Nutritionist Melbourne

Child Nutritionist Melbourne

Marie-France is a child nutritionist based in Melbourne who helps parents reduce the stress out of feeding a fussy eater. With a passion for gut health, eating balanced and varied food, she believes eating should be a relaxed and pleasant experience for all involved. For most parents of fussy eaters however, it is feelings of despair, sometimes anger, often of guilt that take over. Meals become a battleground, children eat less and less variety, and their parents give up.

Parents of fussy eaters are not only subjected to confusing and often conflicting opinions, but they also receive well-meaning advice from near and far, as their parenting and their feeding skills are judged as inadequate by others. Marie-France a child nutritionist based in Melbourne, is also a counsellor and assists with all aspects surrounding fussy eating, including dealing with unwanted advice. She does not judge people’s food beliefs or choices.

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Children who are fussy eaters are at risk of suffering from low iron levels, as well as other deficiencies. They may also endure constipation, have allergies or food intolerances. Intertwined with fussy eating, these can exacerbate eating difficulties. Marie-France, a child nutritionist in Melbourne, loves to disentangle those issues to assist better nutritional outcomes and comfort of eating.

Children who are extreme fussy eaters need to achieve varied nutrition to grow and develop well, to feel good in their body and have great long term health prospects. A Specialist for kids Nutrition Melbourne, Marie-France can help your child to improve nutritional outcomes, and put your family on its way to optimal nutrition.

Working with a child nutritionist based in Melbourne will:

  • Give you confidence and reassurance about your child’s growth and development,
  • Put your child on the right track to improve nutritional outcomes,
  • Put your family on the path to optimal nutrition.
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