Dietitian Nutritionist Melbourne

Are you confused by the amount of information there is on nutrition? Do you find that you hear one piece of advice one day and its opposite the next? There is so much conflicting information on nutrition, it’s no wonder parents are confused yet under so much pressure to “feed right”. There lies some of the difficulties of parenting a fussy eater. Parents start with the best feeding intentions, however fussy eating challenges create such difficulties and conflict that with time parents often give up. It becomes a difficult issue to talk about with family, friends or professionals, and parents report a lack of understanding, a lack of compassion, as their concerns are dismissed and their parenting is criticised.

Our principal, Marie-France Laval is a Dietitian Nutritionist based in Melbourne. She has a thorough understanding of nutrition and children and advises parents on ways to improve eating and dietary habits, taking fussy eating into account first. She understands that families all have different eating cultures and traditions and is respectful of people’s food beliefs. She helps put together strategies to simplify family cooking and reduce mealtime stress. She helps families fully understand why and how we eat and believes in adding new foods to enhance variety and dietary habits rather than taking foods away.

With her help you will:

  • Know what to put on the dinner table,
  • Be positive that you are doing on the right thing at mealtimes,
  • Have a food system that’s wholesome,
  • Know how much food your child needs,
  • Teach nutrition to your fussy eater in an adequate manner,
  • Be more relaxed at mealtimes.
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