Fussy Eating Parent Group Live Online Workshop


Fussy Eating Parent Group

Live Online Workshop

Enrolments open 15th of July

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Concerned about your child's fussy eating behaviour?

Fussy Eating issues often cause parents stress and frustration. Parents are often told that their children will eventually “grow out of it.”

That’s not always the case. Other parents receive unsafe advice such as “tell them to eat it or starve”, which doesn’t work, and may lead to severe health issues.

Whilst fussy eating is common during childhood, for some children it can present more challenge than most parents can deal with without external assistance. This workshop welcomes parents who are ready to take action.

Are your mealtimes a stressful battleground?

Enrol in our Fussy Eater Parent Group Live Online Workshop and discover how to help your child overcome his/her fussy eating. At the end of this workshop, your family will once again enjoy mealtimes.

About The Fussy Eater Parent Group Live Online Workshop:

If you’re pulling your hair out over your child’s fussy eating habits, know that you’re not alone.

  • This online workshop is delivered in 6 weekly one-hour Zoom meetings.
  • Participants are provided with a comprehensive workbook to take notes as the workshop progresses.
  • You will also be given visual aids, dietary recommendations, and meal planning tools to help you move  your child forward.
  • We’ll work together to reduce the amount of stress related to mealtimes, and your fussy eater should then be well on their way to develop a healthy long-term relationship with food.

What are the key benefits of this Workshop?

When you enrol in our online workshop you will take the first step to solving your child’s fussy eating problem.  This can have positive benefits on both your child’s health, and your own peace of mind.

  • Discovering why your child is a fussy eater.

  • Reducing the level of stress around mealtimes.

  • Learning specific techniques to encourage your child to try different foods.

  • Reducing your child’s counter-productive mealtime behaviours.

  • Creating your own plan of action to support your child to develop a healthy relationship with food.

  • Understanding what to serve you child to help them increase the variety of foods they eat.

  • Acquiring meal ideas that will save you preparation time every day.

  • Discovering the level of nourishment your child needs for healthy growth and development.

  • Developing a long term strategy that you can implement following the completion of the workshop.


What do we cover during the workshop?

  • Understand why your child is a fussy eater
  • Get your first action steps towards rebooting your child’s relationship with food and eating.
  • Learn how to parent a fussy eating child to unlock their potential, to tackle new food.
  • Reduce everyone’s stress levels
  • Learn the best way to communicate with you your fussy eater.
  • Manage specific sensitivities,
  • know what food to serve
  • build the family food culture,
  • encourage a life-long healthy, confident relationship with food
  • Learn how to extend the range of food your child eats.
  • Plan next foods you offer specifically for your child and family.
  • Your child’s immune system.
  • Improve nutrition to avoid long-term deficiencies.
  • Know what nutriments impact appetite.
  • Does your child need nutritional supplements and which ones?
  • Now you have a plan that’s easy to apply.
  • You have time-saving menu planning and dozens of recipes you can access.
  • Learn how consistency and reduced stress will win the day.


Cassie Hatje

“I just sat in awe watching my 5 year old eat and enjoy cream of asparagus soup.

No complaints, she actually enjoyed it! MIND BLOWING. Best thing I ever did was sign up to this program. Dinner has become stress-free and enjoyable!!! “

Kim Hennessy

“Your structured approach, your plan, workbook, compared to other eating specialists that we have seen, that’s been very insightful.

It’s been really good so thank you”.

Natacha Millard

“We sat in awe at my son eating all his pasta and veggies including the carrots which he never eats. Then he asked for more pasta.

Spaghetti is usually a pretty risky dish with J. and we’ve never seen him eat it so enthusiastically before!”

Eva siva

“we’ve done two other courses, and they were not successful at all. Your approach is working”.


While there is no “magic pill,” some parents experience benefits in as little as a week while others may take longer. Every family, every parent and every fussy eating situation is unique.

Marie-France’s provides approaches that are sensible and well-structured. This online live workshop is designed to improve fussy eating behaviours on a sustainable basis. For this outcome to be achieved parent and caregivers need to be committed to complete all six sessions and the assigned tasks allocated each week.

Not at all, this is an interactive workshop. Marie-France will be talking and interacting live with the group during each session throughout the whole workshop. You won’t be watching videos by yourself. In fact, there will be discussions, interactions, activities and lots of guidance will be provided.

All sessions are recorded. If you miss a session let us know and we will make that session available to you until the date of the next session. It is recommended that for best results you are present for each online session.

The live fussy eating group online workshop consists of 6 one hour weekly online sessions conducted over 6 consecutive weeks.

The workshop will be delivered via the ZOOM App (Available FREE for IOS and Android) at 7:30 PM (Melbourne time) once a week, on Mondays.

This online workshop is open for participants to learn how to assist their child to overcome fussy eating behaviours, utilising effective and proven strategies.

This workshop is suitable for parents of children aged 18 months to 9 years. Younger and older age groups require individualised solutions that this workshop cannot address.

No – absolutely not. We welcome mothers, fathers, grandparents, nannies, and everyone else who cares for children. We want to welcome and involve everyone.

This entire workshop is available for a fraction of the cost of our regular programs. As its objective is to support as many parents as possible we’ve kept the investment required to a minimum, so that everyone can access it. The small investment required is far exceeded by  the value you receive through  being able to sit down to stress-free meals with your child, and the health benefits they will receive in reducing the impact of their fussy eating difficulties.

Marie-France is a qualified dietitian, nutritionist and counsellor, and has been in this field for over 15 years.

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