Is Cooking Fish Not Your Thing… Yet? 8 ways to change this

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Cooking fish can be smelly! My grand’ma, Mamie, told me how, when staying at her sister in law’s apartment, in Paris of the late 40’s, she decided to cook fish upon my father’s request-he was a very young child at the time-. The only problem with cooking fish, was, that my great-aunt being a clean freak, this was forbidden…Hang on
FORBIDDEN! Still, Mamie took it upon herself to cook the fish, convinced that with a thorough clean of the Parisian apartment’s kitchen, my great-aunt would never know!
Of course a clean-freak is an expert, Mamie did not stand a chance! Years later, still troubled by the experience, she would tell me the story and let me know that cooking fish smells. Well, it turns out nowadays we can cook with range hoods at full blast!
There may be many reasons why cooking fish is not your thing yet…Yet it is a good idea to get started eventually and it is all about technique, this is why I have prepared this infographic which you can claim by clicking on the above picture.
So don’t let technique be an issue. Indeed when feeding children, it is a good idea to expose them to a variety of flavours and textures and fish is of course ideal to start with.
If you have a baby and have not tested fish yet for allergy, it is also a good idea to start eating fish before 1!
Fish can be cooked as a whole (get it cleaned and scaled at the shop), or in fillets. Fishmongers are particularly good at getting bones out, but for peace of mind, put your fingers through the fish, before giving it to baby and teach older children to watch out for bones. Remember always to supervise kids when they eat.
Hereafter there are some recipes for you to check out…Let me know how you go!

Poached salmon
Grilled fish with easy marinade
Seafood vol-au-vent
Oven-baked fish in layers
Coconut fish curry
Soba noodles with (no-cook) salmon
Marinated snapper with bitterroot and ginger paste

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