Kids Health Nutrition Specialist

Health Nutrition Specialist for Fussy Eater in Melbourne

Our nutrition focused environment is more confusing and judgmental then ever, putting parents of extreme fussy eaters in a loose-loose situation. Having started with the best feeding intentions, parents often give up along the way.

Marie-France believes it’s important to support parents to overcome feelings of guilt and inadequacy to help children expand their diet away from ‘chicken nuggets and pasta’.

As a Health nutrition specialist, she has as a vast understanding of how a child’s nutritional deficiencies can impact a child’s long term health prospects, as well as short term issues like appetite.

She’s also very interested in how the immune system, the brain and the microbiota (gut bacteria) all work together to develop a child’s healthy body and mind. She closely follows developments on gut health and provides solutions and advice to assist children in building a strong immune system.

Using a health nutrition specialist to assist you with a fussy eater will provide:

  • Greater certainty and understanding as to which foods to include in a child’s diet,
  • An understanding of which nutrients may be lacking and why it is important to avoid nutritional deficiencies.
  • A strategy to develop good quality gut bacteria.
  • Strategies to move towards those foods even when your child is a fussy eater.
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