My Top Ten Tips to Help Your Fussy Eater

My-Top-Ten-Tips-to-Help-Yours-Fussy-Eaters 14

I want your family and you to win the fussy eating battle…And the good news with these tips is that you can start applying some of them tonight!

What are you waiting for? The earlier you get this right the easier it will be in the future!

  1. Stop talking about what’s eaten or not with your child, husband, family and friends.
  2. Plan meals ahead so you can provide a variety of foods and nutrients.
  3. Shop and cook ahead to avoid a last minute rush.
  4. Involve your child in cooking by offering age-appropriate tasks.
  5. Use French family dinner style by offering food on dishes on the centre of the table.
  6. Structure mealtimes so you can avoid feeding at all times everywhere.
  7. Use music, yoga, or relaxation moves to quieten down everyone before meals.
  8. Use a predictable routine before meals are served.
  9. Use environments that are suited to your child’s sensory issues if any.
  10. Tell a joke or two at the table.

Regardless of your situation tips are always good to take and for some families they are enough to get them started. However they do not and cannot replace a full assessment, a tailored week by week plan and follow up to help you. If you are not sure wether your family and child need more help you can read 16 signs that your Fussy Eater needs help or you can call me for a free 15 minute assessment.

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