After completing our 6 weeks (1 hour per week) online group workshop, you will be equipped with a comprehensive plan, visual aids, nutritional guidelines, and menu planning tools. You will have a truly clear understanding of why your child is a fussy eater, how to help your child to overcome fussy eating, and what you need to do to maintain your child’s improved relationship with food. Your family will see a noticeable reduction in the level of stress associated with mealtimes, and your fussy eating child should be on the path to embedding a healthier long-term relationship with food.





Online Course

Fussy Eating Parent GROUP WORKSHOP


Ongoing Group started Monday 10th of May – Ends 7th of June

Booking are now closed.



Who It’s For

This online group could be for you if:

  • You are looking for professional advice and support to manage your child’s fussy eating behaviours
  • You’re located anywhere in Australia
  • You’re looking for more affordable options

How It Works

This interactive program consists of six 1hr sessions, run weekly in zoom – with a small number of parents.

Throughout the program, you’ll fill in a workbook and take notes as I troubleshoot and coach you through your child’s eating difficulties.


The meeting is held online.  You will get the meeting instructions once you have registered.

The session starts at 7.30pm sharp and lasts 1hr

This program is for you if your child is a very fussy eater. If you have tried on many different things, but your child is still struggling, if mealtime is a source of constant struggle and stress for all involved, if your child is aged 18 months to 8-9 years.

Before we get started you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire to help me get a picture of your child’s fussy eating behaviour.
For each online session you will find your workbook on the platform. You will need to take notes.
Everyone will get a chance to talk and be helped so that you are heard and we trouble shoot difficulties.

Marie-France will be talking to the group during each session, this is an interactive workshop, you are not by yourself watching videos and self-learning, you are being guided, issues are discussed. You will be an active participant.

Yes upon request.  If you miss out you will be able to watch them!

However, it is recommended you are present so your child and family can benefit.

Results always vary depending on children and families. The more active you can be the better the results. Parents report:

  1. parents and children are more relaxed
  2. parents have improved relationships with children
  3. end of mealtimes battles
  4. children less reactive to challenging food
  5. children who are more adventurous with foods
  6. parents who know what to do and how to do it
  7. parents know what to cook and how to progress food

That is up to you of course, helping a fussy eater overcome difficulties is quite involved. Marie-France’s approach is to provide sensible, sustainable, naturalistic approaches to improving fussy eating behaviours.