Quiche Lorraine with green beans


Can a simple quiche make your day and save you time? I’ve been busy running around, even flying around as I gave my ‘introduction of solids’ workshop to some lovely mums in Brisbane! Being out and about, I’ve become time poor, but aren’t we all?

I still think tasty dinners make happy families, but I am not a chef, I am a home cook, I often bypass ingredients in recipes, I like it simple !

If you too want simple and fast then why not have a go at the quiche Lorraine ? Here it comes with a side dish of green beans!


Frozen shortcrust pastry: 1 sheet
Ham shoulder piece: 250g cubed
Eggs: 3
Milk: 250ml
Cheese: grated Gruyere or mozzarella, 60g
Nutmeg: 1 tsp
Thyme: 1 sprig, stem removed.
Beans: 300g, strings and ends removed
Garlic: 2 cloves crushed
Olive oil: 1 tbsp
Butter: 20g, not pictured but essential!

Let’s do it:

  1. Butter and dust your baking dish with flour.
  2. Roll pastry lightly to size and place in dish.
  3. In a large Bowl: whisk eggs, milk, together with nutmeg and thyme. Add pepper if you wish, note there is already enough salt in the ham.
  4. Place ham and cheese evenly over the pastry and pour the mix over.
  5. Cook at 180C, for about 25min.
  6. In the meantime, steam beans until quite soft.
  7. Before serving, Place garlic, beans, olive oil and butter in a pan, stir over medium heat for about 10mins.

NB: The beans are served french way: quite soft, it is up to you how you want to cook them. 😋

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