Raise a Confident Eater

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Since I would like to help you nurture a confident eater, it is about time I define what I mean by that. Look, we eat several times a day for the duration of our lives so our relationship with food and eating is neither mundane nor insignificant.

I always recommend we take a long term view of feeding our children, because ultimately they will be on their own, as adults.
In doing so we may face our own difficulties with food and eating. We may be challenged by issues such as anxiety around growth, size and weight, fussiness around eating, chewing difficulties, sensitivities around food and eating…But our journey as feeding parents will eventually end.
So today ask yourself: what do you want for your child?

  • A confident eater has confidence in what they eat and how much they eat, because they are in tune with their needs.
  • A confident eater does not need to count calories.
  • A confident eater eats varied food to provide them with the nutrients they need.
  • A confident eater is at ease with managing sweets and treats.
  • A confident eater is comfortable when eating with others.
  • A confident eater has a set of cooking skills, that provide autonomy.
  • A confident eater enjoys pleasure and conviviality when eating.

Did I forget anything?
Yes a confident eater is at ease with their body shape and weight, because they only eat what they need.

Are you a confident eater?

To nurture a confident eater, think SAVES

  1. Structure, with meals and snack
  2. Appetite, with hunger, satisfaction and fulness
  3. Variety, to provide nutrients
  4. Enjoyment, because eating should be a positive experience
  5. Skills, because human beings are the only mammals who cook.

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