Wholesome Battered fish


It’s great fun to involve kids in making battered fish, and it takes only a few minutes to cook. Involving your kids in cooking as early as you can is the best way to prevent fussy eating and trust me it’s a wise investment long term. As soon as your kids can cook independently you will be able to come home to a cooked meal.

Preparation: 10min, Cooking: 5min


  • Fish: Flathead 600-800g
  • Eggs: 2
  • Milk:150ml
  • Flour: 40g
  • Oil: Bran rice oil, 1 tbsp
  • Garlic: 2 cloves crushed
  • Dill: 2 sprigs, sliced finely
  • Rice: 300-400g cooked in rice cooker
  • Salad: of choice, here we used cucumber, capsicum and baby spinach with a filet of olive oil.



  1. Wish the milk and the eggs together in a bowl
  2. Season the fish with salt and pepper, place it in the batter.
  3. Put the flour on a plate.
  4. Pour oil on a a heated large pan.
  5. Coat each piece of fish with flour and place in the pan.
  6. Cook for about 2-3 minor each side, until golden.
  7. Sprinkle garlic and dill.
  8. Serve with rice and salad.


Bon appétit



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