Wholesome Bub’s puréed meal


I was so lucky to spend time with some gorgeous babies recently, together with their dotting mums we made some nutritious, wholesome meals. If you have time and the inclination, it is easy and rewarding. As babies grow, think about sharing meals together: it is easier than you think: you can process your preparation with a blender, or cut small pieces. Babies around 9-10 months should be introduced to lumpy foods, you will be surprised how quickly they learn to chew, even without many teeth! Here find out more about healthy teeth and gums.

We used seasonal, as well as organic ingredients to prepare our combos. Organic vegetables are recommended for babies, however conventional vegetables can be used if washed properly.
You will need empty jars such as empty, recycled, ‘bonne maman’ jam pots.

Here work out your quantities but in order to make
It will enable you to make 2 or 3 purées for a 10 months old bub. We filled empty jam jars with our combos.

Purée numeró uno:
corn, 1 cobs
carrot, 1
beetroot, 1 medium size
leftover pulled pork (10g)
1tsp mixed oil (make your mix every week with oils such as canola, olive oil, flax seed, capsules of purified/odourless fish oil).

Purée numeró dos:
corn, 1 cob
carrot, 4
mushrooms, a cup
Risoni, (10g)
butter, 2 tsp

Steam vegetables, add either meat or Risoni and process with a blender, add either butter or oil, mix well. Allow cooling down and refrigerate or freeze. Warm up to serve.

You may also improvise your own mixes, adding some protein and grains or legumes, a bit of cheese or milk, some oils or butter as in our mix, to make a wholesome bub’s meal.

Remember breast milk or formula is still the main milk drink for babies.