Wholesome Pulled Pork Roast with a Twist

Wholesome Pulled Pork Roast with a Twist 29

Life would be boring without spices and with your help your children can learn about them.
Don’t go extreme though, a tiny bit of hotness at a time is interesting, full-on tongue burning experience is not much fun.

Preparation 10mins. Cooking:2.5 -3hours (the longer the better).


  • Pork Roast for pulled pork (pork shoulder usually) 800g. Left over meat can be used in sandwiches.
  • Beer: 1 for basting
  • Sweet Potatoes: 1.5kg, cut in length, like chips.
  • Baby Spinach: 200g
  • Cajun: 1/2 tsp (have some extra on the side for yourself if you wish)
  • Polenta: 2tbsp
  • Olive Oil: 2tbsp
  • Butter: 20g


  1. Sear the meat on all sides in a large pan.
  2. Then place in oven dish-proof at 150C, pour the beer over the meat. Every now and then , baste with a spoon.
  3. Place the sweet potatoes on a tray, pour the olive, and mix to coat well.
  4. Mix the polenta and the cajun spice.
  5. Now add the mix to the chips and coat evenly.
  6. Place in the oven 1h before the end of cooking.
  7. 15mins before serving steam the spinach or cook in boiling water until bright green. Serve with butter.
  8. Serve with the meat and chips.

Bon appétit

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