Fussy Eater Special Needs Solutions

Fussy Eating CUSTOM


Who It’s For

This program may be for you if:

  • Your child exhibits extreme fussy eating behaviours
  • Your child has developmental delays or special needs (such as ASD child or ADHD)
  • You are operating a self-managed NDIS fund
  • You’re located within 20km of St Kilda/Elsternwick
  • Or you are happy to work online and live anywhere in Australia

How It Works

For this intensive program, I visit your home – for a 75-minute session – for 10 to 12 sessions, every other week.

(Please note there is an online version available to families Australia-wide).

Ideally held during lunchtime or dinner time, depending on your child’s age, these sessions allow me to comprehensively assess your child’s fussy eating behaviour, while taking a holistic view of the family dynamic.

From there, I create a customised plan so we can introduce a wide range of foods into your child’s diet – to improve their life-long relationship with food.

Although we’re not an NDIS provider, NDIS funding is available if you’re self-managing your fund and choose to work with me.

Fussy Eaters Intensive Program to Improve Nutritional Intake of Children Displaying ASD Symptoms

Feeding your ASD child can be difficult – Being a parent, you need to assist your child to eat all the foods that provide the nutrition that they need to grow into happy and healthy adults. If you are a new parent, feeling lost and emotionally vulnerable, can be a normal part of your journey.

Including the right foods in your toddler’s diet so that they get the nutrition they need, can be easier said than done. The task of feeding your child becomes highly complicated and daunting when your toddler exhibits any form of fussy eating behaviour. We understand that, and hence we have carefully designed our individually customised Fussy Eater’s Intensive Program to help you introduce nutritious foods to your ASD child’s diet.

Nutrition for Children Displaying ASD Symptoms

Autism in children is a pervasive disorder – 1 of 150 children in Australia are affected by ASD. ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder is a disorder that affects the way a child’s brain works and develops over time. Signs of autism can be observed in toddlers or children in their pre-teen years.

An autistic child may limit their intake of food or have peculiar food preferences that may limit their intake of all of the required nutrients necessary for healthy development. It can become challenging for parents to feed an ASD child as they can become very stubborn fussy eaters. As a result, autistic kids may end up with low intake of the daily recommended nutrition intake. This may lead to nutritional deficiencies and have long term consequences.

Fussy Eater Solutions offers a Fussy Eater Intensive Program that is designed to support you in your endeavours to raise a healthy child and provide guidance in how to successfully introduce your ASD child to the nutritious foods they need to consume to develop in the best way possible.

Whilst there is a lot of information available freely on the internet in respect to diets available, we find that without professional input and a an individually tailored program, it is difficult to achieve the required outcome of having your ASD child eat the necessary foods that provide the nutrients they need to thrive.

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