My Credentials

A French Dietitian-Nutritionist and

A French Dietitian-Nutritionist and Counsellor

My expertise is deep and diverse

Academic qualifications            

  • Dietitian-Nutritionist: BTS de diététique (Clermont-Ferrand, France)
  • Masters of Arts (Humanities)(North London University)
  • Counsellor and Social Worker: Conseillère en Economie Sociale & Familiale (Limoges, France)

Professional development courses

  • AEIOU, An integrated Approach to Pediatric Feeding (2020)
  • Treatment of Picky Eating and Problem Eaters Using Food Chaining Therapy (2020)
  • Prevention of Feeding, Speech, and Mouth Development Problems (2020)
  • P.E.T (Parent Effectiveness Training)  (2020)
  • 1,2,3 Magic and Emotion Coaching (Melbourne, Australia) (2019)
  • Infant Feeding Foundations (Melbourne, Australia) (2019)
  • Gastrointestinal Issues and Feeding Difficulties, (Melbourne)(2019)
  • ESDM introduction course (Early Start Denver Model, autism)(2018)
  • COSP facilitator (Circle of Security Parenting)(Melbourne, Australia) (2018)
  • SOS Feeding Therapy (Melbourne, Australia)(2018)
  • Paediatric Feeding and Swallowing Education (Central Queensland University) (2017)

Professional Memberships

Nutrition Australia

GROS: based in France, the association aims to bring overweight and obese patients back to the pleasure of eating, to self-regulation, without guilt, or pressure so they find their set-point.

Centre for mindful eating: promoting mindful eating as a way to help one’s body to self-regulate.

French Association of Dietitians-Nutritionists (AFDN): RD (Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist)

European Association Of Dietitians

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