Fussy Eating Hypnotherapy


This one-on-one sessions can be offered online or in Elsternwick.

Who It’s For

Does your fussy eater:

  • show signs of anxiety, flight, fight and freeze responses at mealtime
  • show little interest in food
  • show limited appetite
  • prefer snack and beige foods
  • skip non-preferred meals
  • have meltdowns at mealtimes


Do you:

  • struggle with anxiety and stress at mealtimes
  • get angry
  • get frustrated
  • feel shame and guilt around feeding
  • have your own issues with food
  • feel overwhelmed
  • experience decision fatigue with what to serve at mealtimes

How It Works

Discover a new approach to wellness that embraces the mind-body connection for all members of the family

Welcome to our transformative hypnotherapy programs designed to bring peace and harmony to families dealing with extreme fussy eating, ARFID, and related challenges.

Key Benefits of our Hypnotherapy Programs


  • Make real progress toward overcoming Extreme Fussy Eating & ARFID
  • Expand their range of accepted foods
  • Reduce stress and anxiety responses
  • Foster an ongoing positive relationship with food
  • Improve well-being and long term health
  • Enhance their capacity to socialise around food



  • Reduce or eliminate negative emotions
  • Become more relaxed and effective parents at mealtimes
  • Gain confidence in feeding your fussy eater
  • Gain clarity around organising food and mealtimes
  • Strengthen Family Bonds
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